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Dr.Jasmi Doshi Sarvaiya was conferred upon the degree 'Doctor of science 'for her innovative research in creation of Runes on 8th June 2019 @the convocation held in Russian center for culture and science. Internationally acclaimed Tarot Grand-Master, Dr. Jasmi Doshi Sarvaiya, Being awarded a doctorate for her award-winning research, about connecting the spiritual essence of Jainism with the aim of enhancing the accuracy of Tarot readings, prompted Dr. Jasmi to debut as an author with ‘Chaitanya - Pioneering Cosmic Intelligence Through Jain Tarot’, released in esteemed presence of sir Ratan Tata. ‘Chaitanya - Pioneering Cosmic Intelligence Through Jain Tarot’ is an exemplary effort by Dr. Jasmi Doshi Sarvaiya, reflecting her comprehensive research, innovative approach and consummate understanding of the mystical study of Tarot.

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